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For the company that lacks resources to develop, exploit and monetize opportunities beyond their core focus, agencyIP provides a means to integrate with other offerings in ways that are not normally accessible to individual firms. For some projects, agencyIP can staff the opportunity with business development professionals to develop the end-to-end value chain, saving our clients the burden of this resource drain.


For firms with a large amount of IP assets (Patents, Implementations, Trademarks), few resources are typically allocated to finding new opportunities for IP that are not central to the company’s core business. In addition, firms may not have the requisite organization capability and expertise to drive IP monetization programs. Often, expected benefits may not pass large hurdle rates or complex, cross-disciplinary review processes. agencyIP, with its external perspective , deep relationships, creativity, and flexibility can help clients think “outside the box” and efficiently develop new revenue streams for underutilized assets.


The IP that is frequently created and allowed to fall into the public domain during the creative process can be documented and harnessed by agencyIP to build and create new revenue streams from the real world implementations that these works inspire.

After extensive research to understand our client’s assets, our experienced IP Professionals create new packaged combinations from the available properties in the agencyIP catalog. Additional properties can be created or sourced. The business cases for these packages are vetted with the appropriate members of our network of value chain partners, and subsequently the market.

Augmentation or improvement of the original IP creates new IP that grows the agencyIP catalog and viability of our client’s starting IP assets.  Ownership of this new IP may be the ecosystem development partner that performed the work, agencyIP’s client, an ownership pool, a JV company, or other arrangement.  

Additional fees for augmentation and packaging are applied in addition to agencyIP’s commission on the component technologies and various value chain elements.

Absolutely! This is a core competency of agencyIP. We have or hire experts in system design as needed to assemble and augment assets into highly marketable portfolios. For clients that do not have the time or inclination to develop new uses, we can facilitate straight-forward monetization deals.

Assets are offered for sale or licensed as the rights-holder may realize a better return on their IP through licensing. agencyIP can also handle the complete suite of post-deal operation and administration, including cash collections and royalty auditing.
agencyIP is not a broker. We are an agency. At all times, we review alternatives to maximize client ROI. There are times when multiple methods of monetization is far more beneficial than straight-forward licensing or sales deals.

Each client always receives personalized service, which is the agencyIP difference.

Subscriptions for “privileged status looks” are available. This is a unique service only offered at agencyIP.

agencyIP will do audits only as part of our agency services. The audits can be either local or international.


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