The Power of Cataloging IP

The Power of Cataloging IP

Technology becomes orphaned for a variety of reasons. Technologies are cyclical, and business strategies continually evolve.

That means this year's orphan or underutilized assets may be tomorrow's pioneers or building blocks. agencyIP has a continual inflow of properties and scans the marketplace for the next market wave.

Integrating established IP can create new or maintain existing revenue streams beyond the expiration of the core patents. The key to success is a worldwide footprint and creating the library of IP.

Ecosystem Partners

Our relationship with proven technology, finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, legal, and other partners throughout the world are at your service to create additional value. Whether product development professionals are required to design and prototype an idea, or researchers needed to perform deep prior art and validity searches, agencyIP will manage the process from start to finish. 

Winning with Underutilized IP


There are a variety of areas to harvest IP. These areas have created a rich environment for agencyIP. For example, corporations hold a tremendous amount of patents, technologies, and trademarks that they have chosen not to monetize. Also, hundreds of solid, Venture-backed firms close their doors shelving IP assets developed earlier.

Relationships forged over two decades enables agencyIP to scan the environment for the most interesting assets that can be used to augment current IP. Our pioneering efforts have enabled agencyIP to be the leader in IP augmentation services.

Licensing Fully Developed Products & Technologies

Hundreds of millions have been invested developing certain technology, patents and products that become discontinued or have open fields of use.

Most owners lack resources, motivation and time to creatively explore or develop new markets. Only agencyIP has the multi-client view needed to fully maximize and monetize your IP opportunity.

With this ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of orphaned or unused IP, agencyIP can develop new revenue streams.

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