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Discover. Collect. Develop. Package. Monetize.

Full Service Intellectual Property (IP) Agency

agencyIP assists our clients to identify hidden value and develop new ways to monetize patent, trademark, and copyright assets. We are industry experts enabling our clients to fully monetize and enjoy long-term success through agencyIP relationships, new ideas, augmentation and expanded fields of use.

Creativity Is The Key

agencyIP's approach is unique. We do not buy IP to own. We do not litigate. We are not a broker that only connects buyers and sellers. Rather, we act as an agency, managing marketing, augmentation and innovation processes to recast your IP assets for the best fit with commercial objectives. With the opportunity launched, agencyIP has the expertise to provide the back-end for deals, including manage of cash collection, auditing, renewals, and long-term negotiation processes. 

We work with companies engaged in a wide array of industries, technologies, brands, and copyrights. Contact us to discuss your ideas and opportunities.

Who We Are


agencyIP represents technologies, brands & trademarks, and copyrights from a diverse client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual developers and investors. Comprised of seasoned IP professionals, agencyIP brings access to IP, in-house expertise, and unparalleled industry, banking, and investor relationships.

Our solutions range from straight-forward licensing to complex IP augmentation deals combining patents, trademarks, brands, new fields of use, manufacturing, distribution, and other value chain partners.

Creating New Commercial Opportunities

Unique to agencyIP is our ability to create value beyond IP sales and licensing. By awakening certain IP and bundling patents, technology, other value chain elements, and at times trademarks, new revenue streams can be created before broad market adoption. This "value proposition" often achieves much higher monetization value for clients than classic licensing taxes.

To do this, agencyIP adds value through IP augmentation, identification of new fields of use, and leveraging its ecosystem of financing, legal, manufacturing, and distribution partners. 

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