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agencyIP assists our clients to identify hidden value and work on developing addition ways to monetize your patent, trademark, and copyright assets. Being industry experts, we enable our clients to fully monetize and enjoy long-term success through agencyIP relationships and strategies.

Results are Key

agencyIP's approach is unique. We are not a broker. agencyIP is an agency acting on your behalf to develop the best solution, to handle your needs. Acting as your agency, we manage all aspects of a potential sale or license as well as help develop the optimum strategy for your IP.

agencyIP is also able to lend against high quality patents or purchase either your patents or trademarks through our joint venture.

When you want it done right, agencyIP has the knowledge, relationships and knowhow to bring value to your IP.

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Who We Are


agencyIP represents your IP, from Fortune 500 companies to individual developers and investors. Comprised of seasoned IP professionals, agencyIP brings access to IP, in-house expertise, and unparalleled industry, banking, and investor relationships.

Our rich database, successes and relationships brings unparallel expertise to maximize value.

Make agencyIP your partner for all your IP needs.

Creating New Commercial Opportunities

Unique to agencyIP is our ability to create value beyond IP sales and licensing. We offer deep IP strategies as well as strong buyer relationships as well as lend against or purchase high quality patents and trademarks.

Tired of paying maintenance fees?

Want worldwide solutions and representation?

agencyIP has solutions.

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